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About us

IDBH Senso
bridging Dutch Life Science & Health sector to Indonesia

IDBH Senso has a dedicated focus on doing business in and with Indonesia, always in collaboration with local partners from both sides. Our objective is to realise sustainable impact by delivering solutions for the healthcare industry. In our positioning, we fulfil a bridging role between the Netherlands and Indonesia in addressing Indonesian care challenges and to subsequently fulfil an intermediary role. Depending on the challenge and related scope, we act as project developer, project integrator or solution provider.

We combine our local presence in Indonesia and strong international network with extensive knowledge and experience in doing business and establishing partnerships between Indonesia and the Netherlands. We are passionate about driving the business and cultural relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands to the next level. Through our services, products and partnerships we engage with our customers and local partners in projects and programs to realize long-term impact and become a trusted partner in the Indonesian-Dutch business arena.

We represent Delft Imaging in South Asia for their Tuberculosis screening solutions. Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with the highest Tuberculosis burden. We want to support Indonesia in Tuberculosis control by providing the recommended screening solution for Tuberculosis by the World Health Organization. In March 2021, the WHO recommended the use of Computer Aided- Detection (CAD) software instead of human readers to interpret digital chest X-rays for TB screening and triage. CAD4TB from Delft Imaging is one of the three products included in the technical evaluation.

“Striving for impact on better health outcomes
is what drives us”

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