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TB case detection with CAD4TB

TB Case Detection with CAD4TB

Although Indonesia has made remarkable progress over the last decade, Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the top four causes of death in the country. To achieve the goal of the current government to end TB by 2030, Indonesia needed to have an affordable and efficient solution to detect possible TB cases.

Dutch company Delft Imaging has the most suitable solution to detect TB in a cost effective way with high accuracy. IDBH Senso has been appointed as the country partner to introduce and support the implementation of Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis (CAD4TB) across Indonesia.

In January 2020, we conducted a pilot to use the CAD4TB in several prisons in Indonesia. The TB screening was a cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Indonesia, Fullerton Health, Delft Imaging, and IDBH Senso. The accuracy shown from CAD4TB technology will enable the eradication of the growth of TB in Indonesia.

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